Our goat milk supply is proudly sourced from Ontario Goat Dairy Co-operative (OGDC) farmers and is immediately chilled below 4 degrees Celsius upon arrival to ensure freshness.


Our state-of-the-art production facility utilizes sterilized equipment to homogenize the raw milk before it undergoes the HTST (high temperature, short time) pasteurization process to eliminate harmful bacteria.


As a part of our rigorous quality control process, direct steam injection (heating the milk to 88 degrees Celsius for 22 seconds) is used to ensure the final product is free of pathogens.


A five-cycle evaporation process removes 50% of the milk’s moisture. It is then followed by a 183-degree spray drying system that eliminates the remaining moisture, creating our high-quality goat milk powder.


Our goat milk powder undergoes a final quality check via a vibrating sifter to ensure no larger particles are present. It is then packaged in infant-formula grade material, with oxygen completely removed to prevent spoilage and extend shelf life.


High-speed cameras scan our tin packages for foreign bodies, scratches, dents, and rusting, ensuring that only defect-free products are shipped to our valued customers. 


At the bottom of each can, there is an attached QR code sticker. This is used to link to unique product information, allowing customers to trace it in case they are not satisfied with quality the product. Each can will come with its own Certificate of Analysis COA.

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